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Of An Introvert Personality And Out Of The Box Thinking

I have something quite semi painful to admit. I have come to the conclusion that I, due to my generally quiet nature, and  possibly even shy persona under certain lighting, have an Introvert Personality. What is an introvert? To quote Wikipedia: “Introversion is the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and […]


What has 4 i’s that belongs to this handsome guy? No, not the Mississippi. Neither is it some sort of mutant fly pet. I am referring of course, to my “responsibilities”. The inverted commas are not just for visual sarcasm, I literally have manly duties as of the 8th of July. My childhood will be […]

Getting started with Twitter

Social Networking is all the rage today, with over a billion people just a click away from each other. The well known giants of social networking are Facebook, Twitter, and most recently Google Plus. With the world literally at your fingertips, you would be out of your mind to not take advantage of these networks […]


We all get them. They are the little things that really irritate us, and need to be fixed immediately. Whether in the form of a little scratch on your car, or a barking dog while you’re trying to sleep, there is a certain headache for every person. This makes us all perfectionists in our own right. That means that […]