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Mirror Mirror

As I gaze into my crystal ball, delving deep through the secrets of upcoming history, important events unbeknownst to all but my ever watchful gaze; I see some less globally impacting, yet just as important events. Beauty, or in this case, ‘globally impacting event’ is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly the death of Hitler was a good thing to most of the world, some will disagree.

What I see this time could actually be raised for scientific debate, and I’m sure it has too. The human capacity for believing in voodoo rubbish, fortune tellers, government and the like is endless. I will never understand some things. Forrest Gump once said “I am not a smart man”, and I can relate in that sense at times. What I see in my crystal ball, is the human ability to accurately see forthcoming events, or situations that should be impossible to predict. Ever dreamt you were going to eat a bagel and find a beetle in it, only to experience that exact thing not a few days later, though only remembering the dream after you experience it?

Mirror Mirror








Better yet, ever thought of a song, only to hear it moments later on the radio? This could be attributed though, to catchy lyrics and obsessively repetitive DJs… Call Me Maybe is a good example, ( now you’re singing it, you’re welcome ;) )  If a song is catchy enough, it will be on repeat in your head for a while, the radio is sure to play it eventually. Common mathematics really, probability and such.

Another thing the human capacity to believe in is limitless is to take the advice of inanimate objects, mirrors, caterpillars and snowmen. I would usually be the last one to say this, but lay off the coke a little bit? People can predict the future? People are stupid.

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