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Intellicard Student Allowance Administration – Does It Work?

Intellicard. What is that? Well, for those who missed the obvious description in the name, it’s an intelligent card. Much like a bank card. And if you are a student, it does everything but your homework.

Does it work?

Something about this idea caught my eye. I had a good read at the Intellicard website. This is a basic summary of Intellicard how I understand it: It is an account that can be linked to your student card. It can be programmed to do lots of things, it’s main function being that you can access funds from a parent or guardian sponsor. These funds are also allocated to specific things automatically, books, food etc.

Well, to be completely honest, not being a student, I am unable to test such things personally, as it is exclusive to students at this point in time. However, from an easy to find Facebook group, it is an active working idea. Great! So, all I can say is, if you are having problems allocating funds to your necessary student stuff, apply for Intellicard! It’s free!

 Intellicard Student

It was a bit unclear to me, how exactly the whole thing works, but its late and I am tired, no blame shifted to the writers of the website or anything. I’ll just say it’s a resource that needs to be scoured. Examined for days. The fault I can point out at a glance? Its not user friendly right off the bat. You need to set it up. You need to know what you’re doing. Being a student, studying the instructions should be a force of habit about now.

So, if anyone actually takes my opinion seriously; Intellicard is legit. It’s a great idea and is sure to kick off if it hasn’t already.

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