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Defencex, What Is That All About?

Thoughts that come to mind when I read the words “Emotional Freedom”? Next! I was doing some random Googling, and came across a site “cycle4dollars”, the name instantly drawing suspicion from the start. Call it curiosity or just boredom, I decided to find out what “Emotional Freedom Techniques” had to do with cycling for dollars. Oh, what a coincidence too, the acronym relates to a convenient method of sending money to someone.

A quick browse around on the (horribly simple blue and white) website, points to what looks like a very vague explanation on how you can be a better, happier person by simply buying “Defencex” points, which magically turn into money, the more people you refer. Making for a happier country or something like that I suppose. Looks awfully familiar to me.
Defencex Pyramid Scheme As far as I can tell, you will be telling your friends to buy the magical “Negative Emotion Acupuncture” treatment, and then they will magically be happy and you will just make money and be rich and happy. Sounds foolproof! The front page even has a picture of a butterfly. What is happier than a butterfly? Nothing, that’s what! Looks like I’ve found my calling!

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Looks like South Africans are searching this defencex thing on Google for days. Literally, looks like someone did their promoting nicely. Seriously though, from a seasoned acronym analysis specialist, never trust anyone who claims to make you happier with a method called “EFT”. Four letters are screaming out to me right about now. SCAM. Nothing makes me less happy than someone else having my money. A quick Google search reveals very little about this Defencex thing. Anyone got any insight? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Refilwe on February 7, 2013

    Hi there,

    I’ve checked it out ( Defence X that is),I did my own research and the company is registered with CIPRO not only that I went to and it came out 89% safe. As to how they make money multiply its still a mystery.

    • Conor Campbell on February 8, 2013

      Thanks for the insight Refilwe. I have no doubt they are a registered company, Like you said, I have more doubts about their practices rather than how ‘official’ their company is.

  • Hector on February 14, 2013

    At least somebody is agreeing with me. Defencex is a pyramid scheme. I used to hate books, but now I read a lot. Have you ever heard of a man called Robert Kiyosaki? I trust him, because he does not me giving him my money to invest on my behalf. His book the cash flow quadrant, he is talking about four to make money legally. 1. Employee 2. self-employed 3. Business owners (e.g Raymond Ackerman, owner of Pick N Pay) 4. Investors. I’m not sure if South Africans are investors on Defencex. You can register any company with Cipro and have CK number, but is Defencex listed with JSE? I doubt.

  • sipho on February 15, 2013

    I would like a comment and the impression on defencex from anyone who have had an opportunity to attend a recent workshop in Cape Town, I am torn between believing that defencex is a reality and of course the other thought which makes me really uncomfortable.

  • TTT on February 20, 2013

    I know of people who bought points on Defencex and got their money back in full and fifty percent in earnings for some time now. And the beauty of it it’s that this is not a pyramid scheme whereby you have to recruit 2 or 4 people before you start making money, as soon as you purchase the points then you start getting your earnings, it is a bonus though that when you recruit a pesron and he/she joins then you get 10% in earnings of the amount that the person you recruited has deposited into the business.

  • Mandla Zama on February 20, 2013

    People make thousands, and some Millions because they are trained investors… But only give up-to 14% (if they are very generous, normally it’s 7%) on invested cash… They do the stock exhange thing for a living, and it works with every investement industry you know… You can do it on your own, but some of us have reguler/day jobs, and don’t have enough time to sit and monitor the stock exchange… It’s not too hard to tell, he invest (in the stock exhange that is, whether it’s shares, property etc.) and gives you the returns on your investments, at a set rate… you don’t bare the risk, the company is run by professional investors, who, instesd of (like normal investment banks) pocket most of the cash and give you 30% p.a. they give you 2% a day…
    When I first joined, I deposited R100 and waited until it grew to R200 I then drew, and there was no fuss, everything was generated as promised, next I fed in a higher amount, and a downline, just to test the waters… Everything worked well… waited 6 months, still researching every bit I can find (including finding the person behind this, a lovely men, known for charitable contributions, until he thought he can share his wealth as meantioned above to how he generates it and opened a platform for people to invest, and make money from the TRILLION DOLLER platform: the stock exhange) without the fass of reguler monitoring of the computer…
    No pyramid, no need to refer anyone, if you are selfish, but for generous people, it’s an advantage to refer a person you wanna secure financially (or you would like to see secured thereof)

    • Conor Campbell on February 20, 2013

      Ok, so you are saying you gave R100 to defenceX and it turned into R200 eventually? If so then thanks for the positive insight! :)

  • Robert on February 22, 2013

    Hi there,my name is Robert,I’m a living testmony about Defencex,I have join it last year with R1000 and I have been receiving R20 everyday and after that i invested R50,000,00 in December and now as we speak I have manage to get all the money I have deposited and the profit of 50% they have promise, after that I decide to start buying points for the month of February and this is working for me because I make my salary for myself out of this Defencex that people are scared of,my daily profit is a lot now and i’m looking forward on making money for myself,my friend were scared of this at first but now they also making money on this. It is working wonders.

  • Yumz on February 26, 2013

    Hey Connor
    I see you happen to be among a few of us brainy individuals in this country..DefenceX is something called a Ponzi Scheme it depends on new investors to invest more money and more unsuspecting fools to put more money that their original money…Sooo sorry to say it might go on for years though…Yes initial investors get their money as the scheme is still young…If more people join it then people will get their returns but if everybody wants out then they cannot do that hence you have to keep your money for 75 days…Between me and you I have a feeling it’s going to crash soon

    • Conor Campbell on February 26, 2013

      Thanks for the comment Yumz. I totally agree with you. I have serious doubts about any method that promises to “double your money” or something like that. You have a better chance of getting rich playing blackjack in a casino. In my humble opinion.

      • Yumz on March 6, 2013

        Soooo I feel like I some genius lol…Sooo have you seen the news seems like DefenceX has been shut down. I should be psychic. Sometimes when something is too good to be true it probably is.

  • Roy on February 28, 2013

    So a cousin of mine is begging me to give her 50 grand to invest in this thing. Being the type of person that I am. I decide to investigate and so I land here on this page. I am an investor/ trader myself and although I’m part of the successful few, I would never risk investing someone else’s money so how do these guys do it? And if they are so successful at investing why do they need new clients? Hmmm I wonder!
    Could this be a Ponzy scheme!
    Think of a ship that is heavily reliant on new clients to stay afloat. What happens when new client rate drops, or when there’s a bit of bad news. The ship sinks immediately. YES. I know. It does work for some time and for early clients. However, if you do want to join them. Do it with money you are ready or prepared to LOSE.

  • Precious on March 2, 2013

    The so called defencex is gone with our money. Chris is no where to comment

  • Bongani on March 5, 2013

    I’m not sure what to say about defencex now. Still gonna do some research.

  • Suzanne on March 22, 2013

    I was so shocked to see this today, when a client pointed it out to me. I could not thank her enough. This was my answer to her.

    I looked it up.

    And Oh My Goodness!!!!!

    I had been asked to participate in this scheme and am so glad to have received this news from you. Basically, I got approached by this very presentable man sometime last year, who said that he was looking for a provider of EFT courses to groups of about 50 people at a time, in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other areas. So he set up a meeting with me at my office. In the meeting, he explained that he sold self-defence classes to black people, who kind of bought them in bulk and made money out of them. I told him that sounded like a pyramid scheme, and that they are illegal in South Africa. He said that it was totally legal, and not at all a pyramid scheme. He went on to explain that he had just found EFT, and it helped him greatly in his life, and now he wanted to
    sell EFT classes rather than self-defence classes, because he wanted to spread the word about EFT. My role, he said, was simply to provide the classes. Now, I get approached regularly by people who want me to travel to them and teach, most of whom do not take it any further after I give them a rough estimate of cost. So, I did not question him further and simply did the research into the costs of providing these classes and sent him an estimate. I never heard from him again and so forgot about it. Till now. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It does not surprise me that this is illegal, as that was the first
    thing I said to him. He did come across as genuine though, and of
    course, I would have insisted on a proper contract and made checks if he had gotten back to me.

    What a shame it is giving EFT a bad name in all those websites and blogs I have seen. If he had only gone about it the right way and within the law, he really could have achieved something good. I guess some people only know the wrong way.

    It is such a relief I did not get sucked in by this man. I really feel sorry for whoever did end up providing the classes, as their role would have been simply to provide the classes like any other EFT class. They would have had no idea what they were participating in. So many people in the healing industry just want to help others, and I think that whoever ended up supplying the classes was simply acting out of naivety. At least, that is what I hope.

    By the way, if I am allowed to put my website down, anyone can download a totally FREE guide on how to do EFT. You do NOT have to pay a SINGLE CENT to learn it. If I am not allowed to post the website, that is OK too – totally understandable –

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