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My First Superbru Login – Impressions

I didn’t really get into Superbru much. I’m not going to slander it because it would be unfair; I’m not much of a sports fan. I thought I’d check it out though and see what all the hype was about. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Superbru is a “Free […]

Efundi Is Brilliant, If Only Government Services Were The Same

Heard of eFundi? Basically, it’s just a whole host of good ideas. You can check exam information, times, subjects, communicate with lecturers and students and do research ONLINE! Brilliant! A simple idea, convenient and easy. This article is not to criticize South African government, but to propose an idea. Why don’t the municipalities offer similar […]

Partner Bpage Imps

We have a mystery! We have a domain dedicated to it. What is it? Who knows! Even the confused looking Mexican guy on the front page of the site doesn’t know. I’m talking about Partner Bpage Imps. It seems to be an internet mystery. Perhaps this guy knows. Seems like the start of a meme to me. I […]

Defencex, What Is That All About?

Thoughts that come to mind when I read the words “Emotional Freedom”? Next! I was doing some random Googling, and came across a site “cycle4dollars”, the name instantly drawing suspicion from the start. Call it curiosity or just boredom, I decided to find out what “Emotional Freedom Techniques” had to do with cycling for dollars. […]

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