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Get More Twitter Followers Free

I have had many a person ask me: “Conor, how do you have so many Twitter followers?”. This is South Africa, for those of you who don’t know. I don’t have many Twitter followers at all, (5000+ at time of writing) relatively speaking, compared to the likes of Lady Gaga and President Obama. However, I did not just get 5000+ followers by sitting around doing nothing. These are real people following me after all. More potential clients, that’s all that matters in the long run. So how can one easily get real Twitter followers with relatively little effort without risk of getting their account banned?

Well, unfortunately you can’t. At least, there is some risk of being suspended if you try too hard to get lots of followers too quickly. It’s all about moderation. This method I use, more or less involves following people, waiting for them to follow you back, and then unfollowing those who don’t. Simple. This is where the “moderation” part comes in. Don’t come crying to me if your account gets banned. I’m telling you now. Unfollow more than around 200 people per day, and you will be at risk of getting banned by Twitter.

So, lets get started!

Twiends Seeds

There are two main tools you will want to use. Both of these tools are free and relatively simple to use. The first is Twiends. You will be following people with this tool. So head over to Twiends, and sign up. There are a few things you will want to change in your preferences for maximum chance of getting followers.
Twiends Settings

This is basically how your settings should look, with the most important things being the “Follow Back” section and the “Seeds” section. I won’t go into much detail but basically you will get optimum followers with settings like these.

Ok, so next you want to head over to the “New People” section of Twiends, and basically follow everyone with seeds. This is important. If you follow people without seeds, they are less likely to follow you back, and you will have to spend more time unfollowing. You can choose to follow people by Interests and Country if you like. I prefer the “New People” section, because you can follow the most people at once, and you generally get more people with seeds too.

Tweepi Flush

Ok, so it’s a few days later. You have a few more followers, but then there are some selfish people that clearly saw that you followed them, and they simply refused to return the favour. Time to unfollow. Head on over to Tweepi. Sign up is mandatory now, but thankfully it’s still free, and takes literally like a minute. Once you’re done, go to “Flush the unfollowers” and basically select the people in the list it generates for you, and click unfollow.
Tweepi Flush

And there you go! Flush, rinse and repeat. Remember, moderation! I take no responsibility if you get your account banned or suspended. Have fun! Follow me on twitter! @conemancampbell.

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